Sterilight S5Q-PA Ultraviolet (UV) System

R-Can Sterilight S5Q-PA Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer

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The R-Can Sterilight S5Q-PA is a 6 gallon per minute ultraviolet light water filter. It is installed on the water main and is used to purify the water for a home or cottage.


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In The Box

Everything that comes with this product.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Ultraviolet Lamp
  • Quartz Sleeve
  • UV Controller / Power Supply
  • Owners Manual

Tech Specs

Everything you need to know about this product:

  • Install Location: Point of Entry - Water Main
  • Flow Rate: 6 US Gallons per Minute
  • Plumbing: 3/4" Male NPT Connectors
  • Required Accessories: 5 Micron Prefilter
  • Regular Maintenance: Annual Lamp Replacement
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V - 240V at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Physical Dimensions: 21 Chamber Length"


Coverage for this product includes the following:

  • Lamps - 1 year
  • Electronics - 2 years
  • UV Chamber - 7 years

More About the Sterilight S5Q-PA Ultraviolet (UV) System

The R-Can Sterilight S5Q-PA ultraviolet light water filter is ideal for whole home water disinfection. It is often used in small homes and cottages to provide protection from bacteria and other organisms that might be present in drinking water. Ultraviolet (UV) purification will destroy harmful contaminants such as e. coli, coliform, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

Water enters the disinfection chamber which contains the ultraviolet lamp. Bacteria and other organisms that pass through the chamber are blasted with high-energy ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is superior to chemical water filtration because it does not add any harmful chemicals to your drinking water.

R-Can Environmental is located in Guelph, Canada and is one of the world's largest producers of ultraviolet light water filters for consumers. R-Can has been manufacturing the Sterilight brand of ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers since 1989.

Consider these facts about the R-Can Sterilight S5Q-PA:

  • all UV systems must be used with a 5-micron prefilter
  • the clarity of the water is important - UV systems won't work with cloudy or heavily stained water
  • iron levels must be less than 0.3 parts per million (ppm)
  • water hardness should be less than 7 grains per gallon(gpg)