Hallett 15xs Ultraviolet Water System by UV Pure

Hallett 15xs Ultraviolet Water System

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Hallett 15xs ultraviolet water system is an NSF Certified purification system that is ideal for public buildings, campgrounds, and other regulated water supplies.


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In The Box

Everything that comes with this product.

  • UV System
  • 2 X Stainless Steel Flexible Connectors
  • High Temp Purge Valve
  • 1 Set of Lamps

Tech Specs

Everything you need to know about this product:

  • Install Location: Point of Entry
  • Flow Rate: 14.6 US Gallons per Minute
  • Plumbing: 1" Female NPT (when connectors used)
  • NSF Certifications NSF/ANSI 55 Class A
  • Required Accessories: 5 Micron Pre-Filter
  • Regular Maintenance: Annual Lamp Replacements
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V Standard
  • Physical Dimensions: 35.8 X 7.5" X 9.3""
  • Shipping Weight: 25 lbs


Coverage for this product includes the following:

  • Lamps - 1 year
  • Electronics - 3 years
  • Mechanical - 5 years

More About the Hallett 15xs Ultraviolet Water System by UV Pure

The Hallett 15xs is an NSF Certified ultraviolet light water system that is suitable for residential use or in light industrial/commercial applications. It replaces the popular Hallett 13. The Hallett 15xs is UV Pure's newest product. It incorporates the unique Crossfire technology where water passes inside of a quartz sleeve and two UV lamps in air - one on either side of the quartz sleeve - bathe the water in germicidal UV light killing bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

As with all UV Pure Ultraviolet Systems, the Hallett 15xs is equipped with a self cleaning device which keeps the quartz sleeve clean even in very hard water conditions. You do not need to use a water softener with a UV Pure system. Two UV sensors monitor the amount of UV being delivered to the water in real time. These sensors are monitored by an onboard microprocessor. In the event that insufficient UV light is being delivered to the water, the microprocessor will close the included solenoid auto shut-off valve. This ensures that only treated, safe water is allowed to enter the drinking water system. An integrated data logger maintains a record of system performance. This information can be viewed on the LED display of the Hallett 15xs.

Hallett 15xs Facts:

  • must be used with a 5-micron pre-fiter such as Pentek Filter Cartridges
  • can't be used on cloudy or stained water
  • iron should be no greater than 3 ppm
  • hardness should be less than 50 gpg
  • manganese should be less than 0.5 ppm