Water Filters: 20" Standard, GAC & Carbon Impregnated, Pleated Sediment Filters

  • 20" Standard: 20" Standard water filters use a filter cartridge that is about 20" long X 2.5" diameter
  • GAC & Carbon Impregnated: GAC & carbon impregnated water filters remove chlorine, bad taste, and bad odor from your water
  • Pleated Sediment Filters: Pleated sediment water filters offer very high flow rates, but less dirt holding capacity than other sediment cartridge types

Water Filters Brands

Filter Size

  • 20" Standard

Replacement Filters

  • GAC & Carbon Impregnated
  • Pleated Sediment Filters

Pentek NCP Carbon Impregnated Non-Cellulose Filters

Pentek C Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filters