Autotrol 268 / 255 Master Reset Instructions
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Autotrol 268 / 255 Master Reset Instructions

If your Autotrol 268 water softener or Autotrol 255 water softener uses the Logix 760 or 762 controller, you can use this procedure to reset the softener to it's factory defaults. This can be a useful step to correct a misbehaving softener.

The Autotrol Logix controller looks like this :

Autotrol Logix Controller for 268 / 255

Here's how to do the master reset:

  • Press the DOWN and SET button at the same time and hold them for 5 seconds
  • "H0" and the systems resin volume will appear on the the screen
  • If "F" is displayed instead of the resin volume, the system is set up as a filter, and not as a softener
  • If a value other than H0 is displayed, press the up arrow until H0 is displayed
  • At this point, press and hold the SET button for 5 seconds to complete the master reset

The control valve is now reset to factory default values and you can proceed to the following resources for reprogramming instructions.  Look for the section titled "Initial Setup"


The most important step in the initial setup is to make sure that the media volume is set correctly.  Here are the grain capacities for water softeners and corresponding resin volumes:

  • 24,000 grain = 0.75 cubic feet
  • 32,000 grain = 1.0 cubic feet
  • 40,000 grain = 1.25 cubic feet
  • 48,000 grain = 1.5 cubic feet
  • 64,000 grain = 2.0 cubic feet
  • 96,000 grain = 3.0 cubic feet