Buy a Custom Built Water Softener System from Aquatell!
Deals on Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and More

Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and More

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Custom Built Water Softener Systems

Haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for in a water softener?
Excited to build your dream system?
We Can Build It!

Here’s a sampling of the customizations we offer:

Resin Types

  • Purolite
  • Sybron
  • ResinTech
  • Carbochem
  • Mixed Bed Anion & Cation
  • Activated & Catalytic Carbons

Control Valves

  • All Fleck Control Valves
  • All Autotrol Control Valves
  • All Clack Control Valves
  • Single tank and Twin Alternating Systems

Brine Tanks

  • Round Brine Tanks
  • Square Brine Tanks
  • Safety Floats / Pickups
  • Brine Grids

Other Options

  • Turbulators
  • KDF 55 & 85 Media Guards
  • Bypass Valves & Plumbing Connectors
  • Outdoor covers and power adapters

Every custom water softener is built with the finest brands of the industry:

Contact us and let’s begin the process of building your custom softener system: