Water Softener Comparison
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Water Softener Comparison

Water softener comparison chart...yada yada yada. 

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Our Softeners
Fleck 5600SXT Aqualux Prosoft Fleck 9100SXT Twin Fleck 2510SXT
Softener Efficiency
Rating (SER)
3,333 4,200 3,333 3,333
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Path
3/4" 1" 3/4" 3/4"
Flow Rate
8 15 8 10
Resin Type 10% Cross-Linked 10% Cross-Linked 10% Cross-Linked 10% Cross-Linked
Battery Backup 48-Hour 48-Hour 48-Hour 48-Hour
Application Residential Residential / Commercial Residential / Commercial Residential / Commercial
Ease of Use
Ease of
Great Outstanding Great Great
DIY Ready Great Outstanding Great Great
Reliability Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Repairability Great Outstanding Great Great
Control Valve
5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Resin Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Tank Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Softener Efficiency Rating (SER)

This is a measure of the amount of hardness that can be removed by the softener for how much salt is used to regenerate it. The higher the number, the better. Higher numbers mean the softener will use less salt over its lifetime. We offer a much more in-depth explanation of this important concept in our Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Water Softener.

Demand Regenerated

Water softeners that measure how much water you use, and regenerate based on this consumption are called ‘demand regenerated’ softeners. They are also sometimes called ‘metered’ systems which means exactly the same thing. Demand regenerated systems are far more efficient than ‘calendar clock’ systems which regenerate based only on elapsed days.

Internal Path Diameter

Some softeners have 3⁄4” internal pathways while others have 1” pathways. A softener with 1” internal pathways can flow much more water than one with 3⁄4” pathways, however, the size of the softener (cubic feet of resin) must be matched to the desired flow rate. This is covered in great detail in our Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Water Softener.

Flow Rate (GPM)

The Internal Path Diameter of the softener affects the maximum flow rate that the softener can flow. But again, it’s important to note that the maximum flow rate at which the water can be softened is dictated by the cubic feet of resin that the softener is built with.

Resin Type

Super important. The cross-link percentage of a resin indicates the resins hardness. The higher the number, the harder the resin. Harder resins are more resistant to being broken down by chlorine, and they are more resistant to being fouled by iron and manganese in rural water applications. 10% cross-linked resin is ideal.

Battery Backup

This is the length of time that the softener can be left unpowered so that the programming of the control valve is still maintained.


Some of our water softeners are built for residential environments while other systems are a little more rugged and can be used in either residential or commercial environments.

Ease of Installation

This is simply a measure of how easily the softener can be installed. This takes a number of different factors into consideration including the plumbing connectors that are included, the ease of use of the bypass valve, and the ease of the control valve programming.

DIY Ready

All of the softeners we sell are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. But the design of the Aqualux Prosoft control valve and the extra plumbing connectors we include with it make it our easiest system to tackle on your own.


We sell systems that just work, period. The Citymaster softener gets a slightly lower grade however because of the all-in-one cabinet design. This design can trap moisture and salt residue around the mechanical and electronic components which may slightly shorten their lifespan. It’s still a very reliable and long-lived system, but it doesn’t quite get the same grade as the others.


Every system we sell is modular, and cheap and easy to repair if the need arises. But the design of the Aqualux Prosoft and Clack system make maintenance or repair crazy easy. Neither of these systems requires any special tools, and accessibility to all internal components is obvious and simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about these concepts be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Water Softener: