AIO Iron & Sulphur Water Filter by Aqualux



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The Aqualux AIO Iron + Sulphur filter is a safe, easy, and chemical free way to remove iron, manganese, and sulphur from your rural water supply. This system will handle 15 ppm of combined iron & manganese, as well as dramatically reducing sulphur (rotten egg smell). The Aqualux AIO system uses air to oxidize out these contaminants, traps them in the filter bed, and backwashes them out automatically, all of which is controlled by the rugged and long-lived Fleck 2510SXT control valve. There's no better way to solve your iron, manganese, and sulphur problem. Set it and forget it!


Tech Specs

  • 1.0 cubic feet of Centaur catalytic carbon media
  • Fleck 2510 AIO Control Valve
  • 4.0 gpm peak flow rate
  • 5.0 gpm backwash flow rate required
  • Max Iron + Manganese = 30.0 ppm
  • Max Hydrogen Sulphide = 5.0 ppm
  • 3/4" threaded plastic plumbing connections

In the Box

  • 1 x fully assembled AIO iron + sulphur filter system