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Water Softener Resin

Resin is the heart and soul of every properly functioning water softener. Softener resin works hard to remove harsh minerals from your water such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Water softener resin should be replaced when any of the following occur:

  • high pressure loss through the softener
  • softening of the resin beads allowing resin to escape the softener
  • resin no longer fully softens the water

Types of Resin

Resin is usually defined by the individual bead size (mesh) and the hardness (cross-link percentage). Harder resins are more desirable in most applications as they allow for more softening capacity and better fouling resistance.

For additional questions about water softener resin, head on over to our online Learn Section! Want one-on-one professional help? Choose the resin that’s right for you with one of Aquatell’s complimentary Certified Water Specialists.