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Pleated Water Filters

Pleated water filters are great choice where water sediment loads are moderate, and high throughput is desired. Pleated filter cartridges are available in cellulose, polyester, and cellulose-polyester blend. Where sediment loads are high, look to a depth-style spun poly cartridge rather than the a pleated cartridge.

Interested in buying a pleated water filter cartridge? Aquatell offers quality brands like Pentek that are tried and trusted by professionals. If you’re not happy when the product arrives at your door, our 110% Money Back Guarantee allows easy, hassle free returns within 30 days.

If you’re not sure whether a pleated water filter is right for you, feel free to ask an Aquatell Certified Water Specialist! Take a look at the Aquatell Learn section for more information on cartridges, filter housings, and more!