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Drinking Water Systems


Are you looking for a drinking water filtration system that’s easy to install, doesn’t waste any water, and makes your drinking water safer and tastier?  Look no further than Aquatell’s selection of drinking water systems.

These under-the-counter systems tap into your cold water supply and use cartridge based filtration to remove a multitude of common contaminants from your water.  Enjoy better drinking water, better coffee, and have chemical free water for your pets and for watering your plants.

Every Aquatell drinking water system comes with a high quality ceramic-cartridge faucet and the hardware you’ll need to tap into your cold water line.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Certified Water Specialists.  And remember, every purchase at Aquatell totalling more than $99 Ships for Free, and every purchase is protected with our 110% Money Back Guarantee.