Citymaster Water Softener by Aquatell
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Citymaster Water Softener



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The Citymaster is Aquatell's perfect softener for homes and cottages on municipally supplied water. Compact yet powerful, our purpose-selected components produce a high-performing machine that will deliver years of luxurious soft water.

The combination of a genuine Fleck™ upflow regeneration control valve with high-quality Canadian-made 10% cross-linked resin means that exceptional efficiencies can be obtained. The Citymaster can regenerate using as little as 27 gallons of water and 3 pounds of salt achieving a Softener Efficiency Rating (SER) of 4,833 grains per pound of salt used.

Tech Specs

  • Designed & Built in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Factory Programmed
  • Demand Regenerated
  • Max Softener Efficiency Rating (SER): 4,833 Grains / Pound
  • 25,000 Grains Capacity @ 9 Pounds of Salt
  • As little as 27 Gallons of Water Used Per Regeneration
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill
  • Treatment Flow Rate of 7.5 gpm for hardness less than 15 gpg
  • Treatment Flow Rate of 5.0 gpm for hardness less than 35 gpg
  • Maximum Iron + Manganese Concentration of 0.3 mg/L (PPM)
  • Brine Tank Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 34"
  • 200 Pound Salt Capacity (about 3 standard bags of salt)
  • 12-hour clock battery backup for power outages
  • Softener retains settings even if unpowered for months
  • 110V Standard Outlet
  • All Components are NSF Standard 61 Certified

In the Build

  • Fleck™ Upflow Control Valve
  • Bypass Valve + 3/4" Male Threaded Connectors
  • High-Durability Paddle-Wheel Meter
  • 1.0 Cubic Foot of 10% Cross Linked Canadian-Made Resin
  • Top Basket (Prevents Accidental Resin Loss)
  • 9" x 48" Media Tank
  • 1.05" High Flow Riser Tube
  • 14" x 14" x 35" Brine Tank
  • Brine Well w Fleck™ Safety Float
  • Brine Tank Floor Drain Fitting
  • 5' Brine Line
  • 2 x 1g Silicone Lubricant


  • 5 years on all components

This warranty is for manufacturer's defects only. Certain water softener components, such as the main piston, seal & spacers, and the brine valve will experience wear and tear during normal usage of the softener and may not be covered.

* These systems will remove dissolved iron but may not remove oxidized iron. Learn more about this here.


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