Supply Chain / Covid-19 Updates March 23, 2020 16:26

This page reflects the most up-to-date info about Aquatell's Supply Chain, Covid Policies, and related lead times.

June 22, 2022
Pretty much everything is back in stock and shipping on our typical schedule. We're seeing occasional stock-outs of some popular filter cartridges but our replenishment time is good and we often have alternates in stock. One product line that continues to be problematic is Tomlinson Faucets which we have not been able to acquire from the manufacturer for over a year.

March 26
Thank you Aquatell Customers for your orders! Our business continues to thrive thanks to you! We continue to stock shelves, ship orders, and answer all of your inquiries. A note on shipping times: we had a couple of UPS shipments take an extra day to deliver earlier this week. If your UPS delivery takes a little longer than usual please don't panic. UPS has seen a huge increase in eCommerce related traffic and is doing everything they can to quickly deliver all packages while still maintaining their own Covid-19 safety protocols (distancing/disinfection). We'll make sure your order gets to you - it just might take a day or two longer than usual.

March 25
Business continues as usual. We continue to receive inventory from our suppliers, and LOTS of orders - it's been very busy! A special thank you to our loyal customers for their continued support.

March 24

Aquatell and the Water Treatment Industry have been officially recognized as an essential service in Ontario, and the rest of Canada. Aquatell will continue to ship orders and answer all inquiries as usual. We'd love to get your business! Please reach out to us with your water treatment inquiries. We've got the product and expertise you need. We're ready by email, chat, or phone.

March 23

It's business as usual at Aquatell. We continue to receive and ship orders, and we're answering every email, phone call, and chat session. Our supply chain continues to effectively keep our shelves replenished and our orders continue to ship with UPS and Purolator. We're ready to help you!