Whole House Chloramine Water Filters

Chloramine is a water disinfectant that is part chlorine and part ammonia that is used in many municipal and commercial water supplies. Chloramine is used in place of just chlorine because chlorine produces negative by-products that are harmful to people.

Although it may be an improvement over chlorine, chloramine still has several possible side effects including:

  • Damaging equipment in the food service and manufacturing industries
  • Creating a musty and/or bitter taste in water
  • Negatively affecting the quality of food and beverages such as soup and coffee

Aquatell sells a number of whole house water filters that specialize in chloramine reduction for both residential and commercial applications.

If you need help purchasing a whole home chloramine water filter speak to a Certified Water Specialist who would be more than happy to help! And shop with confidence with our 110% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase for most of our products.