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Whole House UV Systems

UV is an effective and efficient way to protect your water supply from bacteria, viruses, and cysts like crypto and giardia. Whole house UV systems are a popular way to apply this useful technology, since they purify the water for the entire home, eliminating the risk of contamination from every possible source.

When considering a whole house uv system, flow rate is important to understand. UV systems must be sized to accommodate the maximum potential flow through the system. This is usually a function of the diameter of the line where the whole house UV system will be installed. A ¾” line will typcially max out at about 10 U.S. gallons per minute. Homes with 1” plumbing should consider a UV system that can handle no less than 15 U.S. gallons per minute.

When comparing whole home UV systems, UV dose needs to be looked at closely. UV dose is the amount of UV that is delivered by the UV system, and corresponds with the level of protection that the system affords. Look for a UV system that delivers a minimum of 30mJ/cm.