Aqualux Reverse Osmosis Systems
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Aqualux Reverse Osmosis Systems

Aqualux Reverse Osmosis Systems represent the intersection of quality, performance, and price.  Built by Aquatell in response to the thousands of RO sales, customer inquiries, follow-ups, and troubleshooting conversations we’ve had in our 10 year history - the Aqualux line of products rolls this experience into a product that will deliver years of outstanding water quality and trouble free performance.

Every reverse osmosis system on the market today is a collection of components built together into the systems you see on internet and on store shelves. However, the quality of system - the quality of your experience with the product - is tied directly to the quality of those components, and the quality of the assembler.

Aquatell has chosen components for use in the Aqualux line of products that represent the best value-for-price in the industry. Wherever possible, Aquatell has chosen components from North American, and European component suppliers:

  • Pentek Filter Housings - made in USA
  • Omnipure Filter Cartridges - made in USA
  • John Guest Pressure Fittings - made in England
  • Dow Filmtec RO Membrane - made in USA

These quality components are the heart and soul of the Aqualux Reverse Osmosis system, but equal to the quality of the parts, is the quality of the build. Aqualux systems are hand-assembled in California to ensure consistent and outstanding customer experience.

Buy Aqualux for your home Reverse Osmosis System and receive our 110% Money Back Guarantee.