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Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and More

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About Us

Aquatell is an eCommerce retail experience that empowers homeowners to make confident water treatment decisions.

We're based in London, Ontario, Canada and we've been helping homeowners learn about and purchase water treatment and improvement solutions since 2006. We love what we do!

For our American customers please know that we've been shipping to the U.S. since our inception in 2006. We ship some U.S. bound orders from a couple of warehouses in the states, and we ship some from our Ontario, Canada facility. Either way, there's never any duties or shipping hassles.

If you want to learn more about Aquatell, probably the best place to start is our Core Values. These core values are central to everything we do here.

We can tell you lots of things about our business and how we conduct ourselves in the world, but we think it's a lot more powerful when we let our customers speak for us. Please have a look at our Google Reviews for the real and unfiltered account of how our customers feel.