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UV Water Treatment Lamps & Sleeves

Replacing the lamp in your UV water treatment system is an important step towards ensuring the safety of your drinking water. As UV lamps age they lose their intensity and after 1 year of use they may not have enough intensity to properly disinfect the water being purified. It’s for this reason that it is recommended that UV lamps be replaced every year. Failure to replace the UV lamp can leave your water supply unprotected from harmful contaminants.  

To ensure maximum UV light effectiveness, many UV system operators also choose to replace the quartz sleeve during their annual UV system maintenance. A clean/new quartz sleeves allows maximum UV light to purify your water and reaches any unwanted microbes that it may contain.

Beware of knock off lamps that you may see in the marketplace at too-good-to-be-true prices. These lamps are usually Chinese-made and often don’t match spec for spec with the original equipment manufacturer's parts. Using a knock off lamp can compromise disinfection, and will also void the warranty on your entire UV system.

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