Aquatell ProTectᵀᴹ Plus Upflow Carbon Chlorine/Chloramine Filter
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Aquatell ProTectᵀᴹ Plus Upflow Carbon Chlorine/Chloramine Filter



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Dramatically reduce chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, and many other contaminants in your household water with the Aquatell ProTectᵀᴹ Plus Upflow Carbon Filter. You'll love the household-wide improvement in taste, odour, and overall healthfulness for your cooking, drinking, and shower water. This system will also dramatically improve the lifespan of downstream appliances by guarding against the damaging effects of chlorine and chloramine on the plastic and rubber parts of your expensive appliances.

How It's Built

The Aquatell ProTectᵀᴹ Plus Upflow Carbon Filter is comprised of multiple components that have been hand-selected to achieve outstanding filtration results, ease of installation and use, and longevity.

The filtration in this system is accomplished by a 1.4 cubic feet of Jacobi catalytic carbon. Catalytic carbon differs from conventional carbon products in its ability to effectively reduce chloramine. Jacobi Carbon is renowned for its effectiveness and tends to be less dusty than competitive products. We also include 6 pounds of KDF-55 reticulated media. This media is not only a potent de-chlorinator but it also inhibits the growth of bacteria in the carbon bed, which is important for the long-term performance of the system.

Both of these media are housed in a made-in-USA pressure vessel and a Clack "in/out head" with a bypass valve. We include 3/4" elbow fittings that terminate in push-to-connect fittings that will accept any 3/4" copper, Pex, or CPVC pipe for effortless installation.

Media Lifespan

The lifespan of any carbon-based filter will always depend on the quantity of water this is processed and the contaminant load in that water. But in typical municipal applications, you can expect the filter bed to last for 5 - 8 years for water that contains chlorine as the disinfectant and for 4 - 6 years for water that contains chloramine as the disinfectant.


Tech Specs

  • 1.4 Cubic Feet Jacobi CX-MCA Catalytic Carbon
  • 6.0 Lbs KDF-55 Reticulated Media
  • Pentair Structural or Clack 10" x 54" Media Tank
  • Clack In/Out Filter Head w Bypass
  • Clack 3/4" Push-To-Connect Elbow Connectors

In the Box

  • 1 x filled and capped media tank
  • 1 x in/out head with bypass & plumbing connectors


  • 5 years for tank, in/out filter head, and plumbing fittings

This warranty is for manufacturer's defects only. The carbon media lifespan is not covered under warranty. The lifespan of the media will depend on water usage and contaminant load.